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Landscape Architecture

Locust Street
  • Locust Street reconstructed between 5th Street and the east City Limits of Carter Lake, Iowa
  • Approximately one mile in length
  • Water main, sanitary & storm sewer
  • Concrete pavement and trail
  • Streetscape features include landscaping, irrigation, decorative fencing, entrance signs as well as columns and stamped/colored concrete at the main intersections
  • Business access kept open during construction
Council Bluffs Library Courtyard & Parking
  • Developed exterior courtyard including seating, landscaping, and sculpture location.
  • Reconfigured parking for improved vehicular circulation
  • Tied design features into adjacent streetscape elements

Streetscaping can restore an urban area to create a more attractive, comfortable and safe setting for the public.  These types of projects often include improvements not just to the roadway paving but to the surrounding environment as well.  In urban settings this may include:
• Installation/renovation of sidewalks, curbs and gutters.
• Installation/renovation of accessible curb ramps.
• Modification of existing traffic lanes to accommodate bicycle traffic.
• Modifications at roadway intersections to include “bulbs” for safer crossings.
• Drainage improvements.
• Installation of street trees as well as landscape planter beds.
• Automatic irrigation systems for landscape planting.
• Street lighting and seasonal lighting systems for street trees.
• Street furniture (i.e. benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, etc.).
• Specialty structures (bus stops, monument signs, pedestals for public art installations, etc.).

Sternhill Park

HGM worked with the artist out of Salt Lake City on the design of this park sign.  As part of the City’s project for updating some of its park’s signs, neighborhood groups were asked to vote for their favorite design for their neighborhood park.  The artist for this project was inspired by the existing park site used to be an actual brick manufacturing company.  He wanted to incorporate that history into his design by combining that with word PLAY, with what the park is meant to provide for its users. 

HGM worked to develop plans that could be bid by contractors, while keeping the overall design intention of the artist.  Knowing it would take a mason that would take the time to create the sloping and curving walls wasn’t easy, while trying to stay within a tight budget.  Several design modifications finally brought the project within budget and it was successfully constructed as one of the most unique park signs in the City. 

Kimball Park

HGM worked with the Council Bluffs Parks Department and the local neighborhood committee to develop a Master Plan to renovate an existing 2-acre neighborhood park.  The overall Master Plan that was created showed a new play structure, swings, pickleball court, ½ court basketball, picnic tables, benches, and a picnic shelter.  The city’s construction budget for the project wasn’t enough for all the improvements to be completed at this time, so the first Phase of construction went out to bid in the fall of 2018. It included a new climbing net play structure, new pickleball court, picnic tables, benches, and ½ court basketball.  The neighborhood committee also was able to raise money for the picnic shelter and interpretive panels that will be dedicated to a local neighbor that lost his life in a school fire in the 1960’s.  The project was completed in the spring of 2019 and it was dedicated in May 2019.

Trolley Park
  • Developed Neighborhood park with playground, basketball court area, skate park area, picnic shelter, and open play area
  • Park included was on location of historic trolley car building and interpretive panels were created to provide information of the past use. Interpretive plaques were created for each corner as insets in the sidewalk
Chautauqua Park Ballfield Complex
  • 5 lighted adult softball fields
  • Parking lot addition
  • Concession and maintenance facilities
  • Sanitary sewer expansion
  • Landscaping and irrigation system
  • Extensive grading, seeding package
Council Bluffs Recreation Complex - "RECEIVED 2020 FIELDS OF EXCELLENCE AWARD!!"
  • Baseball Complex – 4 Fields
  • Softball Complex – 6 Fields
  • Soccer Complex – 10 Fields
  • Tennis & Volleyball Courts
  • (2) Concession Facilities w/restrooms
  • Picnic Areas & Playground
  • Maintenance Building
  • 950 total parking spaces in 3 lots
Gale Wickersham Complex
  • Coordinated with the School Board, fundraising committee, building committee and the general public
  • New 8 lane wide track and synthetic turf field for football and soccer use.  
  • Upgrades to the existing baseball, softball, and soccer fields
  • New press boxes for football, baseball, softball, and soccer
  • New ticket booth building/donor plaza and locker room building at the stadium
  • Expanded parking areas along with improvements to vehicular and pedestrian circulation
  • New gateway entrances, plazas, and green spaces located throughout
Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are made with a notched design that creates a series of openings that allow rainwater – even heavy rainfall – to drain through the pavement surface and infiltrate into the soil below where contaminants are naturally filtered. As an added benefit, snow and ice melt more quickly and drain through the pavement openings, reducing slipping hazards.  Permeable pavers also create a built-in solution to managing stormwater pollution with all the benefits, style and character.

Eagle of Honor Veteran's Memorial
  • Developed Master Plan for funding raising efforts for local veterans group for a new Veterans Memorial featuring Bronze Eagle Sculpture to be incorporated into County-wide project that exists in several other communities
  • Prepared Construction Documents for bidding when funds were raised
  • Memorial to be brick walls and columns with donor bricks and center brick pedestal featuring logos for the six Branches of Services and the Bronze Eagle Sculpture, entitled “Freedom with Honor”
  • Project includes new Monument Sign, flag poles, and lighting
  • Located at the historic train depot where many soldiers had left and returned from war many years ago
  • The majority of funding was raised by private donations
Rain Garden in Drainage Area
  • Reduces drainage problems 
  • Filters stormwater runoff
  • Unique landscaping feature that's relatively low maintenance
  • A habitat for birds and butterflies
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