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Engineering Services

West Broadway Revitalization
  • Multiple public information meetings, individual meetings, business and land owner meetings were held
  • There was input through this public meeting process and through the City’s website with a dedicated website for this project
  • The project has been broken into five phases so that each phase can be constructed in any one given construction season
  • The first phase was constructed in 2017 and the last phase is anticipated to be constructed in 2021. 
  • A major challenge was to design and constructed the five-lane roadway segment with landscaping and various streetscape amenities and stay within the existing right of way 
  • The construction cost is anticipated to be over $42 M
  • It was required that the street always maintain one lane in each direction and a middle turn lane
Harrison Street
  • This new roadway replaced two lane un-curbed roadway with three lane curbed roadway
  • Included Survey, 5’ sidewalk on north and south side
  • Traffic analysis, construction phasing to provide access
  • City - County coordination for 3 cities and 2 counties
  • Utility coordination & relocation
  • Neighborhood informational meetings and followed the Mayor’s road construction task force recommendations
Eastern Hills Drive

The purpose of the project is to improve the transportation network east of Council Bluffs by completing Eastern Hills Drive between US 6 and IA 92, while providing improved connections to developments along Greenview Road, Steven Road and Cottonwood Road. The project included:

Provide local system transportation continuity
Support planned land development in Council Bluffs
Increase the capacity of existing roads to accommodate future demands
Improved safety and emergency access

Wetland delineation was completed during the Environmental Impact Study and the impacts were found to be 0.13 acres of emergent wetland and 0.17 acres of forested wetland. As part of the USACE 404 Permit, these impacts were mitigated by purchasing the required credits from a mitigation bank.

Joint project effort with City and County
Lead the engineering team effort with multiple partners
Segments C-D went through NEPA process to determine optimal alignment
Provides N-S route from Hwy 6 to Hwy 92
Multiple public input meetings
Special alternative alignments evaluated
Collected traffic data throughout the area
Completed NEPA EIS review and approval

The eastern hills drive project includes 1150’ of bridge sized twin box culvert with accommodations for 9 storm sewer outfall penetrations. The project was developed with both a cast in place and a precast option to ultimately provide the City with the lowest cost for the structures.

150th Street & W Dodge Road Interchange Reconfiguration
  • The West Dodge/150th Street interchange will become the grand north gateway to a new development, and in its existing configuration, will only allow eastbound traffic to exit the expressway. Adding a WB exit ramp within the limited confines of this urban expressway interchange was clearly vital to the success of the development.
  • The plan required construction of two bridges, a new exit ramp with auxiliary lanes, and a traffic control plan that would allow a minimum of three lanes of traffic on West Dodge at all times.
  • Early in the project it was determined that the existing pier could not be reused to support longer spans. HGM proposed a new alignment of 150th Street that eliminated curvature on the bridge and allowed the longer spans.
Bluff Street Bridge

The Corps of Engineers completed a flood control project on Perry Creek in Sioux City which included widening the creek channel. The original Bluff Street Bridge was removed as a part of that project. The replacement bridge was designed by HGM and included a pedestrian trail on the bridge and accommodations for a trail within the channel under the bridge.

  • Included a trail along Perry Creek below bridge
  • Bridge facilitated realignment of Bluff Street
  • Bridge included a pedestrian trail and sidewalk
  • 3 Span - 214’ x 40’ Precast Prestressed Concrete Beam Bridge
  • Hydraulic modelling approved by Corps of Engineers
Iowa Hwy 1 Bridge over Skunk River, Washington County
  • 728’x 44’ - 5 Span PPCB Bridge
  • Spans over Brighton Access and Skunk River
  • Stub Abutment Design, T - Pier Design, Guardrail Design
  • ROW Design, Topographical Survey
  • Coordination with Iowa DOT biologists for endangered species locations
  • Hydraulic Modeling using HEC-RAS
  • Structure passes over the Brighton River Access.  Access remained open throughout the duration of the construction
  • Prepared and participated in Public information meetings to assess the impact of the construction season on the general public
Council Bluffs Water Works

HGM has served as Design Engineer for the Council Bluffs Water Works since 1979. Our designs range from 6" to 30" and project costs range as high as $10 M. We have completed distribution system modeling and economic analysis, new subdivisions, elevated water tanks, booster stations, new water treatment plants, and jack and bore under highways.

Adams Park
  • 325 Acre Drainage Basin in Mid-Town Residential Neighborhood
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic design
  • Survey
  • Meetings and coordination with PMT, City, stakeholders and utility
  • Replacement of pavement, sidewalk, storm sewer, curb inlets and manholes


City of Council Bluffs

Council Bluffs Trail System

  • HGM has worked with the City of Council Bluffs for over 20 years in developing and implementing their trail system
  • Completed trail route planning and analysis for over 12 individual trail projects in Council Bluffs
  • All types of trails-Levee top, share the road, abandon RR, through Parks, joint ROW, sidewalk/trail, etc.
  • HGM has designed and provided construction administration of over 30 miles of trails in Council Bluffs
  • Trail MP connects all major city parks
Mid City Trail

Phase 1

  • 1/2 mile multi-use – 10’ wide PCC trail
  • ARRA Funding, Federal Guidelines
  • Included liner park with rest nodes
  • Create landscape buffer residential area and railroad/industrial area
  • Work included utility relocation and railroad coordination
  • ISTEA/TEA 21 Funded
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Connects Indian Creek Trail with Ave G Trail

Phase 2

  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Funded – Federal Aid
  • Constructed concrete bridge deck on old railroad bridge over Indian Creek
  • Phase 2 included 1 mile trail connection between west end neighborhoods with River’s Edge Park
  • Extensive coordination with Iowa DOT to complete trail in conjunction with I-480/I-29 reconstruction plans
  • Project provided trail link between downtown Council Bluffs and the River Front along the 1st Avenue/2nd Avenue corridor
Missouri River Trail

Missouri River Trail

  • 3.2 mile project constructed (in two phases) through wooded area and paralleling steep bluffs along Ponca and North River Road
  • Federal Aid project, designed to NDOR standards
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic analysis of pedestrian bridge
  • Construction Administration 
  • 6 Precast Concrete Inverted T Bridges for Trail
  • Included Rain Gardens to lessen Storm Water impact to Adjacent Properties
  • ROW and Easement Acquisition
  • NEPA/CE Documentation
  • Historic Archeological Site – Cabanne Trading Post
  • Public Hearing
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