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Architectural Services

IWCC Kinney Hall
  • Architectural/Civil/Site Design
  • Complete Land Survey
  • 86,000 SF – 2 levels
  • Robotics Lab, Welding Lab, Electronics Lab
  • Environmental Classroom, Sustainable Energy
  • Math Labs, Science & Physics Lab, CNC Lab, Computer Lab, Instructors Offices
  • Open Glass Pedestrian Walkway
  • Structural / Civil Engineering / Mechanical / Electrical 
  • Bidding & Construction Administration
IWCC Football / Wrestling Facility
  • Survey
  • Space Needs Analysis
  • Preliminary / Final Design
  • 3D Sketch-up Drawings
  • Site Design, utilities, parking
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Structural / Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical / Electrical
  • Bidding and Construction Administration

The ACEC Awarded this the "2020 Grand Place Award for Engineering Services".

IWCC Wellness Center
  • New 92,300 SF Wellness Facility
  • The multi-use facility will consists of a hardcourt area with basketball, volleyball, and pickleball areas
  • An indoor turf area for the football team, the soccer team, the softball team and the baseball team
  • Workout facilities for aerobic and exercise machine activities

This project received the “Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design Award".

TS Bank
  • 20,000 SF 4-story building (5,000 SF on each floor)
  • Offices, conference room, lobby, entrance canopy and drive thru lane
  • Site work includes all utilities, paving, irrigation and landscaping
Pottawattamie County Veterans Affairs
  • 6,500 SF new facility with drop-off entrance canopy,
  • Lobby, conference room and offices
  • Site work included grading, utilities, paving, irrigation and landscaping
CB Savings Bank
  • 4,000 SF Full Service Bank with 3 drive-up lanes
  • Space for 12 employees
  • Teller counters and personal banking space
  • Site circulation and parking
  • Utility relocation, extensive retaining wall/grading
Omaha Fire Station
  • 9,000 SF Building with 3 vehicle bays
  • Upper level designed for fire department
  • Lower level designed for investigators offices, bedrooms/ bath, kitchen, lounge, storm shelter/safe room, training and fitness area
  • Completed all site design including utilities and parking
Norfolk Fire Station
  • Preliminary Design / Master Plan
  • 5,000 SF with 3 vehicle bays
  • Training and fitness area
  • Living room, kitchen/dining
  • Office/Lobby
  • Radiant heat
  • Site Utilities/Parking
  • Topographic Survey
Carroll Fire Station
  • 14,266 SF on main level of new facility with a 3,500 SF mezzanine
  • 9 vehicle bays, hose tower for drying
  • Bedrooms/bath, kitchen, living room, fitness areas
  • Offices/lobby/reception
  • Site utilities, parking
  • Evaluated and compared costs for 6 potential sites for new fire station and considered response times for Volunteer Fire Fighters
Oakland Fire Station
  • 24,786 SF remodel and addition
  • Renovated an old Pamida Store
  • Fire Station with 6 bays
  • Community Room, Senior Center, City Offices
  • Totally new façade
Greenview Fire Station
  • 10,000 SF with 3 vehicle bays
  • 6 bedrooms, training area and fitness room
  • Living room, kitchen/dining
  • Office/Lobby/Patio
  • Site Utilities/Parking
Bennington Fire Station
  • 29,403 SF New Facility with 6 vehicle bays
  • Bedrooms, Training and Fitness area
  • Kitchen/Dining/Office/Lobby
  • 911 Memorial Room
  • Bunk/Gear Area/Mezzanines (Storage)
  • Patio/Site Utilities/Parking
Ft. Calhoun Fire Station
  • Remodel existing building – 6,370 SF
  • 6,485 SF new addition with 8 vehicle bays
  • New entrance, mezzanines, meeting room
  • Fitness room, lounge
  • Kitchen/Dining/Office/Lobby
  • Patio/Site Utilities/Parking
Gretna Fire Station
  • 19,800 SF with 8 vehicle bays
  • 6 bedrooms, training area, fitness room
  • Kitchen/Dining/Office/Lobby
  • Day Room, Bunk or Gear, Mezzanines
  • Patio/Site Utilities/Parking
Blair Fire Station
  • 12,800 SF Volunteer Fire Dept. with 7 vehicle bays
  • Meeting Room, Locker Room
  • Chief and other offices
  • Kitchen/Lounge/Training Area/Fitness Area
  • Site Utilities/Parking
Bach Office Complex
  • Remodeling and Addition to existing convenience store
  • Incorporated 3 office suites
  • Upgraded Mechanical/Electrical Systems
  • 2,200 SF Renovation and 2,500 SF Addition
Blair Pool House
  • Upgrade existing locker rooms
  • Improve circulation and entrance control
  • New concession, receptionist counter
  • New entrance canopies
  • Renovate exterior stucco
  • New roof, improve ventilation
  • Upgrade exterior appearance
  • Pool modifications for handicap accessibility
  • Site Improvements-steps, sidewalks, retaining walls, and parking
  • Baby pool viewing area modifications
Oakland Fire Station
  • Evaluated the condition of the existing Pamida Retail Store in Oakland, IA for its potential use as a public safety facility.
  • Met with the fire chief, police chief, city manager, mayor and staff to determine the space needs for all of the existing Oakland depts..
  • Evaluated the condition of the existing building at the city hall police station, fire station currently used
  • Developed a concept to renovate the existing Pamida building with an addition to accommodate a new fire station, city hall, community center, senior center.
  • Developed concepts to upgrade the exterior appearance of the Pamida store
  • To meet budget, the project was phased. The first phase of the public safety project included renovating the portion of the Pamida building for the fire station and building a shell for the future city hall, community center and senior center
  • Developed construction documents, bidding and followed through on construction of the first phase of the project.
  • When funds became available construction documents were finished bidding and construction phase services were provided to finish the public safety project, finishing the city hall space, the community center and the senior center
  • Nearly 25,000 SF of remodel and addition
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